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Frequently asked questions

  • 'The detail notes'
    If grittiness occurs after drying, remove grit with a slightly damp soft sponge or soft, clean cloth. Have you finished painting? Push the lid closed until you hear click! Don't forget to stir again before putting on the second layer. For more texture apply layer 2 thickly. For more depth add max 10% water before painting layer 2. Place a bucket of water next to your paint bucket and dip the brush into it to make some color/thickness differences here and there (for the ultimate wow maker). If you apply layer 1 very thickly, a second layer is sometimes not necessary. Do what you want!
  • How do I apply we are wow makers paint?
    Very easy within 2 layers,we recommend a natural block brush 100 x 30 mm. Pour your paint into a larger bucket and stir the entire contents until evenly mixed. Continue to stir the paint frequently while painting.
  • How much we are wow makers paint do I need?
    6-8m2 per liter for unpainted / painted walls. The variation in the amount needed depends on the porosity of the surface to be painted and the thickness with which you apply the paint. If you add water, do not add not more water than 10%
  • Do I paint one or two layers?
    With our light colours you can paint directly over a darker colour. The coverage is very good. To give maximum depth, texture and character to your walls and objects we kindly recommend 2 layers. As it dries, the colour becomes lighter.
  • Can I give we are wow makers paint an extra layer of protection?
    Use an ultra matt varnish for water-based chalk paint. Apply this (thinly!) with a brush.
  • How long does the we are wow makers paint to dry?
    Drying time between layers, one-two hours. Repaintable after 6-8 hours. In cold rooms it takes longer for the layers to dry.
  • Can I mix the we are wow makers colours?
    We are wow makers paints can be mixed with each other.
  • How long can I keep my paint?
    Your paint can be kept for approximately one year. It’s possible that it will thicken slightly as it does not contain a solvent. If so, just add max 10% water. It should be yoghurt-like. Because it contains no solvent, always store frost-free.
  • I have an interior object that I would like to paint with your paint but it has an old paint on it. How do I tackle that?
    If there is old polish or paint on it, lightly sand and clean with St. Marcs. Do not use ammonia. Do not apply a primer, but apply We are wow makers paint directly. Preferably apply a second layer and a water-based ultra-matt varnish.
  • Is it true that we are wow makers paint continues to stain?
    No, it’s chalk based. It is not like lime paint that continues to stain and is difficult to repaint. When your paint is dry, it does not stain. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth or touched up with left over paint. Walls are repaintable with any wall paint or We are wow makers colours. Any serious stains or damage can be easily touched up. Very practical.
  • Is it necessary to treat new stucco with primer before I apply we are wow makers paint?
    It is allowed, but not necessary. Preferably not.
  • I have wallpaper. Do I have to remove it before painting?
    This is not necessary; you can simply apply the paint over the wallpaper.
  • How can I clean we are wow makers paint on brushes or spills?
    Brushes and buckets can be rinsed out quickly and easily with a minimum amount of water. Paint spots on the floor are easily removed with a damp cloth during or after painting.
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