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About WOW Makers


-(pronounced as wao)

Expressing astonishment or admiration

The Product


100% mineraal based paint for walls, ceilings and laid-back luxury interior objects. 
Seven matching colours. Ibiza by Dot and Anna, Tulum, Mallorca, Mykonos, Antwerp, 
Tokyo, Palermo. Available in 2,5 and 5 liter buckets. 
We are wow makers colours are 
developed with love and attention for life and nature. Colour cards are hand painted. 
Packaging is made from recycled plastic. 


The Paint


With we are wow makers paint ceilings, walls and interior objects will show depth and texture, but less dominant than with lime paint. For more texture, apply the paint in two thick coats; for less texture and more depth, add 10% water to the paint between the first and second layer. Apply the paint playfully, swing it out with a natural schwung, pretend to dance. Say Cheers. Use a natural block brush. 


The Look

The finish is very matt with deep natural pigment colours and has a chalky appearance. 


The Story

Our colours are unique, every colour story is a holiday memory; memories in the sand with Dot and Anna, sun-kissed spots on Mallorca, the sizzling streets of Mykonos, Ibiza cottages. Our paint is a story about love and friendship. The sunny side of life is in the soul of our brand. When your walls radiate this energy, your home automatically becomes a place where you feel the light.

The purpose of what we do with our paint is not just to contribute to interiors with the wow. Our story goes deeper, it’s a narrative to
make ourselves and you walk barefoot more often. No matter where, with whom or how. Whether you are a a trend maker or trend follower, a gypsetter with holiday homes all over the world, a single hero with a tiny home or a modern day family in the city. The energy we put into our paint helps turn storms into sunshine. Our aim is to let us all live in light and sunshine within the safe walls of the places and spaces we live in.


We invite you to create your world of wow and share the holiday home vibe with us.


You are a WOW maker.

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